Coffee Time

Di Stefano Forte Coffee Beans



FORTE – Intense Full Body

For those that like being clubbed to life with coffee
– 95% Arabica 5% Robusta
– Post blended – Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India, Indonesia
– Roast type = Dark

Not for the faint hearted, Forte exhibits dark, intense cocoa tones with a natural earthiness from the Indonesian in this blend.
With flavour notes of spiced cinnamon, fig and dark chocolate, this coffee defines full bodied.

With an intense thick and caramelised mouth-feel, and slow enjoyable syrupy finish. This coffee is great in the morning and should help you battle on through the day until you get your next caffeine fix.

Distefano Fair Trade Organic Coffee




Great as a short black coffee and holds balance in milk
– 100% Arabica
– Peru, Honduras
– Roast type = Medium
On the palate, our FTO has a remarkable acidity with distinct lime citrus and grapefruit notes and aromas.
With its unique roast profile designed specifically to elevate the sweeter caramel and brown sugar characteristics.
It is a complex coffee with a great depth and encompassing body, and a lingering velvety finish.
Fair trade certified and sourced from Fair trade producers.
Total 100% Fair trade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their business and communities for a sustainable future.

Di Stefano Decaf Coffee Beans



DECAFFEINATED – Rich Espresso Flavour

Great for the milk and black coffee drinkers
– 100% Arabica
– Colombia, Swiss Water Processed
– Roast type = Dark

For the coffee enthusiast who wants to experience the thrill without the concern of caffeine, the SWISS WATER Process is a taste driven, 100% chemical free decaffeination process that uses water from the coastal mountains of British Columbia.

Don’t let the words fool you though, this coffee is rich in taste with pleasant milk chocolate flavour, light to medium bodied with a sweet malty finish.

Spiced Chai Latte Powder



Hot Chocolate Powder



T2 Tea Retail List

Tea Pots

  • Tea Pot

    • SMALL $39
    • LARGE $49

Fruit and Herbal Teas

  • Chamomile

    • LOOSE LEAF $13.50
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    High grade plump Egyptian chamomile flowers provide an intensely sweet honey like flavor; the world`s most consumed herbal tea

  • Refresh

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.00
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Awaken the senses with this invigorating and refreshing caffeine free blend of herbs; Lemongrass, valerian leaves, ginseng, rosehip, juniper, elder berries, ginger and Calendula round out a fantastically fresh, enlivening infusion.

  • Soothe

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.00

    A delicious digestive blend, perfect for sensitive stomachs; Soothing peppermint, Star anise and fennel, soft lemon balm and a touch of sage; all herbs in this blend are Carminatives, which soothe and relax the stomach and help digestion.

  • Peppermint

    • LOOSE LEAF $13.50
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    A bright and golden green infusion with a powerful aroma and sensationally Minty, sweet, smooth taste; Clean, fresh, uplifting and vibrant

  • Relax

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.00

    A soothing, calming blend to ease tension and clear the mind. Sweet chamomile, rose, Lavender, juniper berries, hibiscus, lemon balm, hawthorn berries and Lemon grass completes the tranquility

  • Liquorice Legs

    • LOOSE LEAF $17.40

    Sweet, smooth and comforting Liquorice root is blended with fresh Peppermint for zing and the sweet aromatics of fennel; a calming brew full of healthy Goodness, digestive and cleansing, refreshing and invigorating.

  • Citrus Punch.

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.90

    Sweet, smooth and comforting Liquorice root is blended with fresh Peppermint for zing and the sweet aromatics of fennel; a calming brew full of healthy Goodness, digestive and cleansing, refreshing and invigorating

  • Lemongrass & Ginger

    • LOOSE LEAF $16.20
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Zesty and bright lemongrass contrasts the spicy flavor of ginger for a Refreshing taste sensation.

  • Strawberries & Cream

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.60

    A gorgeous blend of hibiscus petals, rosehips, apple, elderberries Strawberry pieces and dried yogurt brew a beautiful red infusion with bright sweet Aroma. Fruity and floral, a refreshing breeze on a summers day

  • Detox

    • LOOSE LEAF $16.50
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    A detoxifying blend of herbs that`s so good for you and tastes great! Nettle, high in Nutrients and minerals and boosts the immune system, fennel and peppermint aid Digestion and lemongrass, juniper berries, calendula and spearmint have powerful Cleansing properties. A simple and simply delicious way to turn a new leaf.

  • Very Berry Fruit Tea

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.60
    • SILK BAGS $17.80
  • Turkish Apple

    • LOOSE LEAF $18.50
  • All Sorts - Type One

    • SILK BAGS $14.00
  • All Sorts - Type Two

    • SILK BAGS $10.40

Black Teas

  • English Breakfast

    • LOOSE LEAF $12.50
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Classic Sri Lankan broken leaf tea, traditionally enjoyed in the morning

  • Sydney BreakFast

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.00
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Assam and Yunnan tea leaves with a hint of bergamot, vibrant and bright, Captures the sunny optimism of a Sydney morning; try with lemon or milk

  • Melbourne Breakfast

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.00
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Premium leaf tea with the warming scent of vanilla bark, enjoy Black or with milk

  • Earl Gray

    • LOOSE LEAF $12.90
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    A revered favorite, Ceylon Orange Pekoe leaf tea with refreshing bergamot, Traditionally served black, however some prefer it with a splash of milk

  • French Earl Grey

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.30
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Medium bodied black tea gets a French twist, oh-so-fruity. With sunflower, Bergamot, rose petals, hibiscus, peach, citrus zest, a truly fragrant treat!

  • Darjeeling

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.30
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Small leafed Chinese black tea, grown in the Darjeeling region in West Bengal; Best enjoyed black or with a slice of lemon.

  • Russian Caravan

    • LOOSE LEAF $13.50

    Chinese black blend, lapsang souchong, including keemun; Strong smoky flavor

  • Chai

    • LOOSE LEAF $14.00
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    A T2 signature blend, with black tea, cloves, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon pieces, Cloves, ginger and vanilla; try it infused with soya milk, sweeten with honey if desired.

  • Choc Chip Chai

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.30
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    A chocolate twist is added to the signature chai, a truly indulgent drink!

Green Teas

  • Sencha

    • LOOSE LEAF $18.00
    • SILK BAGS $19.80

    Japanese green tea, delicate aroma and a sweet grassy flavor; infused at 80 degree Celsius, do not burn the delicate leaves; perfect on its own.

  • China Jasmine

    • LOOSE LEAF $13.50
    • SILK BAGS $17.80

    Chinese green tea, Jasmine blossoms and a touch of Chinese Coolang tea; Delicious with spicy, Asian cuisine or on its own in the afternoon or evening

  • Red, Green & Dreamy

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.60
    • SLIK BAGS $17.80
  • Gorgeous Geisha

    • LOOSE LEAF $15.60
    • SILK BAGS $17.90

    Sencha tea with a hint of freeze dried strawberries

Gelato Cakes

Ice Cream Tower

Smooth white vanilla & bubblegum ice cream with white chocolate fencing, topped with a variety of ice cream scoops & fresh strawberries.


Gelato Tower Log

Delicious chocolate &
hazelnut gelato with a variety
flavoured gelato scoops on
top and decorated with
mixed chocolate fencing


Caribbean Tower

Delicious mango and coconut
gelato with a variety of
flavoured gelato scoops on
top and decorated with dark
chocolate fencing and


Tiramisu Indulgence

A coffee soaked vanilla
sponge base, topped with
tiramisu gelato and beautifully
decorated with chocolate


Bacio Dream

A chocolate and hazelnut
blend of gelato smothered with
crunch chocolate hazelnut
pieces throughout & beautifully
decorated with chocolate


Panacotta Delight

Creme’ Caramel Gelato
Smooth ‘cooked cream’ gelato
with swirls of caramel syrup


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